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World Bank Safeguards Policies and land use

März 2015: Abstract: "In July 2014 the World Bank has launched a two years consultation process for the review of its new Environmental and Social Framework (ESF). This paper outlines the relevant aspects of the World Bank Safeguards from the perspective of sustainable land use. It unveils major omissions in the New Framework regarding land rights, the treatment of indigenous people and environmental impacts and recommends a much stronger alignement of the New Framework with the Voluntary Guidelines on Land Tenure (VGGT).

Timo Kaphengst, The World Bank Safeguards Policies - Chance or risk for global sustainable land use? Discussion Paper, February 2015. Download (pdf file)

Der Text entstand im Rahmen des Forschungsprojekts GLOBALANDS (November 2011 bis April 2015, finanziert vom Bundesumweltministerium), dessen Ziel war, "to identify promising existing land use policies and to develop possible governance tools towards a more resource efficient and sustainable global land use." Bei mehreren Workshops und Konferenzen wurden die Ergebnisse und weitere Diskussionspapiere vorgestellt und diskutiert.