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November 2014: Bruce Rich ist einer besten Kenner der Politik internationaler Finanzinstitutionen wie der Weltbank, besonders was ihre Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt betrifft. In der Ankündigung für sein Buch “Foreclosing the Future” heisst es: "Bruce Rich shows how the World Bank’s failure to address the challenges of the 21st Century has implications for everyone on an increasingly crowded planet.  He recounts a story of larger-than-life personalities, international intrigue, and human suffering brought about by a winner-take-all economic globalization – and identifies the changes necessary if the World Bank and the world’s governments are to make real progress in helping the poorest and sustaining the environmental resources on which all of us depend."

Herman Daly, viele Jahre ein führender Wirtschaftsexperte bei der Weltbank, schreibt dazu: "Foreclosing the Future carefully documents the World Bank’s adherence to ‘pushing the money out the door,’ refusing to learn from past mistakes, tolerating corruption, trashing the planet, and evicting the poor – all in devout service to a mismeasure of wealth. Bruce Rich gives a tragic, honest, and well-argued account of the decline of a once-promising institution."

Bruce Rich, Foreclosing the Future: The World Bank and the Politics of Environmental Destruction. 2013 (IslandPress)

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