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This website is a mirror of my work in the past years - with ongoing additions. Numerous articles, features and analytical papers cover a wide range of topics, countries and problems, with some issues coming up frequently:

+ agriculture, and especially the debates around aNew Green Revolutionin Africa, especially the current takeover of agriculture by private investors, supported by international financial and development institutions and US-American foundations, andalternatives through peasant agriculture,

+ water issues, in particular privatisation policies promoted by institutions like theWorld Bankand so called Private Public Partnerships, but also promising attemps to defend water management systems that are publicly controlled and oriented towards the needs of the people,

+ developments inChina, where agricultural policies not only have huge impacts on the the economic, social and environmental sitution in the country itself but influence on the world markets and global food security.

+ Fish & ribsprovides some coverage of developments in the livestock industries and fisheries and their impacts on livelihoods and the food system.

Features, reports and analyses, written over the years will be continuously supplemented with new ones. Furthermore, publications will be presented and reviewed. A Who's Who? of organisations working on the respective topics adds further information. Additionally, there arenewsas well as comments, including contributions by guest authors. All new postings are presented on the Homepage. The british flag indicates articles or information in English (apologies to the other English speaking countries).