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As a freelance journalist I have been working on numerous development issues since the early 1980s. Initially I worked from New Delhi covering South Asia. In 1988 I went to Nairobi as East Africa correspondent for German newspapers and radio stations. The UN-Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) 1992 in Rio de Janeiro expanded my area of interests and work to include various environment issues such as biological diversity and desertification. Recent work has focussed on privatisation and 'Public-private Partnerships' in the water sector and in development policies and the role of the World Bank, and on the changes in global agriculture including livestock and fisheries and the roles of various actors like the global agroindustry, international institutions, UN-organisations like the FAO, China, nongovernmental organisations and peasant movements. Over the years I visited many countries in Asia and Africa and a few in Latin America.    Uwe Hoering