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Publications in English:

Alternatives to Food Import Dependency. FDCL Policy Paper, May 2013. Download (pdf-Datei 2,6mb)

Water as a public good vs. water privatization. In: seminar 626, October 2011.Download (pdf-Datei 23kb)

Agriculture in China: Between self-sufficiency and global integration, published by Asienstiftung / German Asia Foundation in cooperation with "EU-China: Civil Society Forum" (44p, August 2011).Download (pdf-file 3.6mb)

Where the breadbasket is hanging. September 2010. More

China's Agriculture "Going global", December 2010.Download(pdf-file 291kb)

Livestock industry expands, and so do multinationals. By Uwe Hoering and Susanne Gura, June 2010.More

Livestock. Continued growth and market-based policies. A summary of the FAO report "Livestock in the Balance", March 2010. Download (pdf-file 103kb)

World Bank / FAO: Deceptive Fortune-tellers. A review of the report "Awakening Africa's Sleeping Giant – Prospects for Commercial Agriculture in the Guinea Savannah Zone and Beyond". In: World Economy & Development, October 2009

China: Greening the Green Revolution. September 2009. Download(pdf-file 94kb)

Compass Bearings for a Course Change. A summary of the study "Sustainable Germany in a Globalised World". April 2009, 40 pages: Download (pdf-file 760kb)

China: Construction of a new socialist countryside. September 2008. Download(pdf-file 99kb)

Water to the People. Drinking Water and Water for Livelihoods. April 2008, published by EED (Germany) and Centre for World Solidarity (India): Download (pdf-file 1.24mb)

Who feeds the world? 48 pages, published by EED: Download (pdf-Datei 2,9mb)

Rich Harvest. The System of Rice Intensification, 16 pages, published by CEDAC (Cambodia) and EED (Germany): Download (pdf-Datei 2,26mb)

Privatising the water sector. Development aid for transnational water corporations as a solution to the global water crisis? Summary of the WEED Working Paper: Privatising the Water Sector (November 2001): Download (pdf-file 70kb)

Fruits of Diversity. Global Justice and Traditional Knowledge, 20 pages, ed. by EED: Download (pdf-file 689kb)

Water for Food - Water for Profit. The World Bank's policy in the agricultural water sector. Background Paper (Brot für die Welt) Dezember 2005. Download (pdf-file 1,18 MB); Summary (pdf-file 51kb)

Privatisation in the water sector - ten myths.Download (pdf-file 120kb)

Biopirates in the Kalahari? 24 pages, published by WIMSA and EED (November 2004). Download (pdf-file 1,97mb)

Slimming with Hoodia - To whose advantage? In: Informationsbrief Weltwirtschaft & Entwicklung, November 2004. Download (pdf-File 105kb)

King Customer? The World Bank's "new" Water Policy and its Implementation in India and Sri Lanka. By Uwe Hoering and Ann Kathrin Schneider. (Brot für die Welt and Weed), September 2004. Download (pdf-file), Summary (pdf-file )

Ethiopia - Water for Private Sector Development. 2003. Download (pdf-Datei 110kb)

Ethiopia's Water Dilemma. In: World Rivers Review, August 2006, p 4/5. Download (pdf-file 1.6mb)

Panacea PPP: Public Private Partnership in German Development Cooperation. Summary of a WEED Working Paper (November 2003):Download (pdf-file 74kb)

Redefining Water Rights. Briefing Paper (Brot für die Welt) 2005. Download (pdf-file 40kb)

Water for the MegaCities: the Case of Manila. Briefing Paper (Brot für die Welt) 2005. Download (pdf-file 37kb)

Privatisation in irrigation agriculture. Briefing Paper (Brot für die Welt) 2005: Download(pdf-Datei 36kb)

What now, World Bank? Or: Lessons Learned? September 2003 (Heinrich Boell Foundation). Download (pdf-file 158kb)